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During the pre-school years, we build on early experiences by extending children’s communication, social and physical skills to develop their exploration and creativity, problem solving and greater understanding of the world around them.  

The children are encouraged to be totally independent and are taught very important life skills ready for school life such as putting on their own shoes/coats, preparing their own snacks, serving their own meals and clearing away afterwards, toileting, self-registration, choosing activities and following boundaries.   Activities include role play, construction, creative/messy, dance, singing, stories, jigsaws, technology, small world, physical and outdoor play where children learn to:

  • Communicate and work as a team by talking and negotiating with each other.
  • Have an awareness of their own abilities and can talk about them.
  • Manage their own risks whilst playing and exploring.
  • Have the confidence to have a go and try again if necessary.
  • Be creative, using their imagination to its full potential both indoors and outdoors.
  • Appreciate the environment in which they live and have good knowledge of what’s happening around them.
  • Understand the need to be healthy by physical activity and the effect it has on their body.
  • Strengthen their fine motor muscles for writing and using tools for later life.
  • Build their mathematical and cognitive development through problem solving.
  • Celebrate and respect all cultures and beliefs.
  • Socialise during small group activities and mealtimes.

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) is incorporated into our structured and free choice activities by learning through play, encouraging children to be confident investigators and explorers, both indoors and outdoors.  Children are split into smaller groups at intervals throughout the day, providing great opportunities for small group listening and communication activities as well as giving children the confidence to make decisions and try new things, promoting their independence.  
Outdoor learning plays a huge part in pre-school life and children spend at least half their learning day outside.

Click here for more info and photos of our outdoor environment.

We recognise that these early years of learning are a vital asset to prepare your child for school.  Our key workers work closely with children, parents and local schools to make the transition to school a smooth, successful and special experience.  During the last term before children start school, we introduce activities such as changing into PE kits and Teacher visits to the setting to help prepare and support you as a family.

We use a nursery management system which is an online form of communication between parents and staff about their children and routines.   

Please click on the ‘Parents as partners’ tab for more information on how we promote a strong parent partnership.

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