A Healthy child

Being healthy is a top priority at JJ’s.  We serve breakfast, a hot lunch and hot tea every day.  We also offer a drink of water or milk alongside snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables during the morning and afternoon sessions.  Water is also available to the children throughout the day for them to access as and when needed.

  All food is cooked on site.  We cook traditional home made meals with international options by using recipes with different tastes.  Children are encouraged to eat vegetables and fresh fruit every day. 

Children eat in their home rooms in small groups which enable them to gain those valuable social and interpersonal skills at an early age. 

All children are encouraged to use cutlery and show good table manners whilst eating.  Bibs, facecloths, plates and bowls etc, are all provided by the nursery. Children are encouraged to wash their hands before each meal or snack and show respect for others, demonstrating polite responses like “Please” and “Thank you”.

We provide meals to the preschool children in serving dishes with spoons, giving them the opportunity to develop their independence and make choices.  The pre-school children and the older toddlers are also encouraged to scrape their own plates/bowls into the bins and put their crockery/cutlery into the plastic container, developing their independence. 

Throughout the day, children use a station that has a mirror, wipes and tissues on it for them to use when needed.  This is used after each mealtime too for the children to wipe the food off their own faces.

We cater for all dietary requirements which are discussed with each individual family upon registration.

At breakfast, we run a breakfast bar system where children choose which cereal they would like, followed by toast or crumpets.  Water or milk is also served during this time.

  Breakfast is served between 7.30-8.10am

  Hot lunch is served at 12 noon

  Hot tea is served at 4.40pm

Babies individual home meal routines are followed at all times. (eg, purees, milk, times of day different to the above, etc).  Please speak to a member of staff for any more information.


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