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JJ's Kiddycare Nursery in Welford

Ofsted Excellent Rated Nursery in Welford

JJ’s Kiddycare LLP is owned and managed by the mother and daughter team of June Wattam and Jenni Cheney, offering a friendly home from home, professional, stimulating and loving environment with 52 years experience in this sector between them.

JJ’s is a purpose-built nursery situated in a rural farm location between South Kilworth and Welford.  The site is set in lovely open countryside where staff take the children out on walks and picnics so they can explore the outdoor environment.  There is also a fabulous outdoor, all weather, covered play area where children play and learn in the fresh air throughout the day.

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Some thoughts on the hot weather. Lots of lovely info doing the rounds about how to manage in this extreme heat we're getting in the UK at the moment. But I want to add some thoughts that may not have cropped up. Firstly, your little one may want to feed A Lot. Some might want to feed little and often, others may want to camp out on the boob all day and night. Your boobs may feel like deflated balloons, but Do. Not. Panic. Breasts are continually making milk no matter how they feel. They're factories, not warehouses. Rivers, not lakes. Makers, not containers. As long as your little one is filling nappies as expected, it's all good. You might find they do lots of 'stimulating' behaviours at the breast. It can feel unnerving but it's actually very effective at getting more milk moving. Stroking or bashing the breast with their hands, tugging or gumming down, pulling on and off, burying their face in... general unsettled wriggly behaviours. Older babies and toddlers may switch between the two sides like it's a tennis match. All this is a bit like when kittens kneed, but the human baby version. You will need to drink a lot. Making milk is thirsty work, and while a bit of mild dehydration for you won't affect your milk supply, you'll feel awful and won't have any energy or stamina and likely a corking headache which is the last thing you need. Keep an eye on your wee. It should be pale straw coloured, not yellow or orange, and shouldn't smell like when you walk past the men's urinals (🤢) Same with your little one too. Some may be more sleepy and reluctant to feed. It's likely they'll make up for it overnight when it's (slightly!) cooler. Try and do lots of skin to skin so they have access to the breast often. If you start to feel uncomfortably full you may need to massage or express off some milk to avoid problems. Your baby should still be pooing as normal for them (remember that under around 6 weeks old frequent poo is important and a reassuring sign) But you may find you get some more green poo than usual. This is because your baby may be taking more thirst quenching milk that is higher in sugars and lower in fat. Don't worry, it's not a problem at all and will go back to normal. You may feel really touched out and irritable during the heat, it's really tough when it's hot and another person wants to lay their hot body on yours and squirm around and make demands. Hang in there and know it's ok to feel this way. Try and take some slow breaths and drop your shoulders. Keep cool drinks and lollies on hand. There are those of you out there that LOVE the heat (not me. It is NOT me!), and you may be in your element, but your little one probably won't be. So try and empathise if you can and remember they may be cranky and upset. Sleep may well be a disaster zone for a few days I'm afraid. This isn't what it's going to be like long term, you just need to enter into 'survival mode' for now and do whatever you need to do to get through. This heat is due to suddenly change on Wednesday with a big storm Tuesday night (I'm very excited about this!). If you've had a baby that's been feeding loads you may find that frequency drops off quite quickly, so you need to keep an eye on your boobs. All that feeding may have made your body ramp production up a gear, and when your little no longer takes as much milk, you could be left sitting with full boobs -a risk factor for blocked ducts and mastitis. Offer the breast frequently, massage or express off just enough for comfort and to soften if you need to, and keep an eye. Any stubborn patches that won't calm down, hot patches, hard wedges, pain, feeling unwell...start treating for blocked ducts and potential mastitis. I have some posts about this, and you can find information online (I particularly like breastfeeding.support website.) I know a lot of countries will be laughing at us, but this is rare for us and we're not set up to cope with it. I hope you all manage OK. ... See MoreSee Less
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Timeline photosMet Office today just issued a Red Extreme heat warning for the East Midlands, as it's getting hot in the next few days with the highest temperature over 30s Celsius on Monday and Tuesday 🔆Please be cautious and take care of others, especially vulnerable people.Advice on keeping cool in hot weather ➡️ ow.ly/oiN150JWAcV ... See MoreSee Less
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